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Franchise Opportunities in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin (8)

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City Kitty Req. Investment: $65,000
City Kitty is a full-service grooming salon exclusively for cats. Established in August of...
Temperature Pro Req. Investment: $300,000
TemperaturePro was founded by SystemForward America, Inc., “the Franchise...
A Place at Home Req. Investment: $96,000
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Req. Investment: $100,000
Founded in 1995, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives (OLP) is currently the largest (44...
Mr. Appliance Req. Investment: $75,000
The first franchise company of its kind, Mr. Appliance targets the high demand...
Shapes Fitness for Women Req. Investment: $182,000
Founded in 1990, Shapes Fitness for Women is an exclusive fitness club for women only that...
Storm Guard Roofing and Construction Req. Investment: $200,000
Storm Guard is the nation's 1st exterior restoration franchise company. Storm Guard has...

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