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How To Own Your Own Franchise In 10 Steps

Step One:
The first step that you need to take when you want to start your own franchise is to simply fill out our special Request Info form. Each form that is submitted is reviewed by a member of our staff, and all personal information is kept confidential, and is not released in any way. We take this information, and determine your level of interest, and plot your best course of action, as well as match you to various franchises that match your goals and preferences.

Step Two:
The next step in the process happens when one of our consultants contacts you. This is why filling in your Request Info form properly is crucial. We are calling to set up an appointment to meet with you, in order to better discuss and evaluate your background, and your goals, in order to find the perfect franchise for you. If we know what your goals are, and what your dreams are, we can find better franchises that match those goals and dreams, making them more of a reality. To do this, you will need to fill out a pre-qualification questionnaire. This is how we get the background information that will help us find you a good matching franchise. On average, this process will take about an hour, and can be completed via the phone.

Step Three:
The next step in the process is that we take all your information, and research various compatible franchises, and compare them to your goals, needs, finances, and desires. We have over 1,500 different franchise opportunities available in the US alone, and we will attempt to narrow this list down to just 4 or 5. This way, you are sure to pick the "right" franchise.

Step Four:
After all of our research, we present to you the findings. We will present each of the franchise opportunities that you qualify for; that we believe would be best for you. You're more than welcome to say no to these, although, in our experience, that doesn't happen too often. If you're interested in any of the franchises presented, we will arrange a meeting between the franchise and you. If you do choose a franchise, you will be required to fill out another questionnaire, required by the franchise company. Each franchise company has its own questionnaire, and the form is then sent to the franchise. This questionnaire is going to ask personal questions, such as financial information (to assess your financial situation) and to get to know you a little better, and to make sure that it would be a good match. But do not fret. You haven't signed anything legal or binding yet, so you are still not obligated in any way. They just want to know that you're interested, and that you are financially able to start a franchise.

Step Five:
The next step is being introduced to the franchisor. Now that you have a franchise that you would like, and have filled out their questionnaire, it's time to meet them. Before the meeting, usually the franchisor will send you an information packet, telling you about the company, its goals, its mission statement, and more. They will also send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which you will need to sign, and return, promptly.

Step Six:
Now that you have filled out the FDD, we will go over it, and make sure that there are no errors, and go over the form with you, to make sure that you understand it, and make special note of areas you should pay special attention too. Each FDD will have contact info for a couple of the parent franchises locations.

Step Seven:
Now that you have this information, it's a good idea to call the individual franchises. Most of the time, the franchises listed on the FDD will be in good standing, very profitable, and will have good things to say about the franchise. Use these as references. Talk to them, learn how they became successful, tips that they would give, and any advice. Use this info to determine of that's something you can do, so you will be just as successful.

Step Eight:
By this time, you should be pretty serious about a franchise, because now you're going to need to start getting legal and financial advice and guidance. You're going to want to talk to your attorney, and an accountant, before you decide to start a franchise. There are a lot of legal requirements, as well as financial requirements that you might not already know about. Try to find an attorney and an accountant that specializes or is familiar with franchises, to help save time, money, and hassle. Attorneys and accountants will also be able to let you know about the company, and give you their professional opinion on the company.

Step Nine:
The next step is to attend a kind of career day. Most of the franchises that are out there hold special Discovery Days, where they invite potential franchise investors to their location, and give out information, show how the store works and runs, lets you meet an actual staff, and generally just gets you inside the store, showing it off.

Step Ten:
By this step, you should have decided to buy your franchise. Congratulations. This is when everything legally is finalized, and you become the newest "Frantrepreneur", a cross between a entrepreneur and a franchise owner.

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