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Fibrenew Awards a Franchise in South Dakota

Fibrenew is a market leader in the restoration and repair of leather, plastic and vinyl. Fibrenew is a home-based, mobile franchise service (niche industry, recession resistant, not replaceable by technology) that targets 6 major markets: aviation, automotive, commercial, marine, medical and residential markets.

Their latest franchisees are a husband and wife team. He wanted to have his own business, be his own boss and see results from the effort that he puts into working every day. He looked for a franchise that he could thrive in and not re-invent the wheel. His wife attended training with him and will help support the business as needed. They are motivated and invested in their Fibrenew business and are presently expanding the Fibrenew brand through their local market.

Call us today at 850-797-8117 or 888-411-8035 for more information.

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