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Congratulations to The Exercise Coach on their Recently Closed Deal!

Exercise Coach is so excited to announce its newest franchisee in Tampa, Florida!

These franchisees are a delightful couple. He is a brilliant professional in the high-tech space, working on some very cutting edge projects that bring data and artificial intelligence to some of the biggest challenges we face today. She, as an architect, is actually an ideal Exercise Coach client! She loved the workout and the brand’s focus on simple, coach-led and effective workout.

Throughout the process, they were very clear that they wanted two things from a franchise – a unique and differentiated product and a company that provided value and improved people’s lives. He really took to the brand’s technology and data systems quickly. He saw that Exercise Coach had the equipment and the vision to continue to be a leader in the fitness space.

After a great discovery Day, they traveled back to Tampa and secured two Exercise Coach territories in the area. They continued the rapid expansion in Florida, where Exercise Coach has sold 12 territories this year alone!

They really understand the mission of The Exercise Coach – to empower and encourage clients who want the benefits of exercise but for many reasons don’t find a good fit in the standard big-box gyms and large group training studios. Whether they are too busy, dislike the gym scene, are concerned about injury or simply dislike exercise, the proven, 20 minute workouts and friendly coaches provide the plan and motivation to transform even the most unlikely of exercisers.

Visit Franchise Consultants USA today for more information!


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