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Zippy Shell Incorporated ("ZSA" or the "Company") represents a disruptive business and operating model within the mobile self storage and moving industries, providing an innovative, efficient, high-quality, proprietary mobile storage and moving platforms that offer significant economic and operating advantages over competing technologies such as those of industry pioneers PODS® and 1-800-PACK RAT®

The Zippy Shell System fully addresses the requirements of changing consumer preferences within the moving and storage industry and has the potential to be a game-changing offering. The System, compared to other systems: (i) has lower upfront and maintenance capital requirements and variable operating costs; (ii) offers a potentially dramatically higher return on capital invested in franchises; (iii) provides a superior or competitive product and service offering; (iv) allows franchisees to compete on price or achieve profitability at lower customer volumes while maintaining superior profit margins; and (v) can improve the revenue potential of a territory given that it is easier to deliver to consumers in challenging, heavy vehicle restricted locations.

Additional benefits of the System for franchisees include: (i) an additional revenue stream through the sale of additional products and services, (ii) the ability to make faster drop-offs and being able to serve market areas that are off limits to competitors due to restrictions prohibiting the placing of unregistered containers on the street, (iii) the ability to employ drivers that are not required to have a class "C" license and lower-cost driver labor, thereby eliminating the need for specialized training of employees and reducing the cost of turnover; and (iv) reduced risk of accidents due to the simplicity and standardization of equipment being employed.

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Zippy Shell Storage and Moving Franchise Background

Established: 2009
First Unit Franchised: 2010
Franchised Units: 54
Company Owned Units: 7
States Registered In: All States except Hawaii and South Dakota
Canada Franchises: Yes
International Franchises: Yes

Zippy Shell Storage and Moving Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: Yes
Training: Training:

There are 3 different elements to the initial training. All are done at the franchisees location.
  • Logistics Training - How to operate the equipment, how to assemble the containers, warehouse layout and management
  • Marketing Training - Develop an ongoing marketing program. Outline of grand opening marketing.
  • Technology Training – How to use the platform provided by Zippy Shell to manage and run your business.

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