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Martinizing is a scalable, profitable business that has been helping our franchisees give back to their community, create a lifestyle, increase their wealth, and build equity for over three generations. Martinizing is the most powerful brand in our industry. We are under new ownership and looking to grow aggressively, with franchisees who have the skillsets and experiences necessary to be successful.



  • Profit Centers; Six distinct profit centers allow the franchisee to service customers in today’s on-demand lifestyle
    • Retail/plant – The traditional dry cleaning model which includes a retail counter and dry cleaning/laundry processing plant.
    • Drop Centers – Convenience locations where the customer can drop off/pick up their clothing. Processing is not done at these locations, but instead sent to the plant.
    • Residential Routes – Drivers go to the consumer’s home for dry cleaning and laundry pick-up and delivery on regularly scheduled days.
    • Commercial Routes – Similar to Residential Routes, but at the consumer’s place of business.
    • Lockers – Lockers are strategically placed throughout the market in residential and commercial locations. Customers can drop their laundry in a secure locker and create their digital code. When their laundry is done, they receive a text message indicating which locker they can find their clothes.
    • On Demand – Think of this as the “Uber” of dry cleaning services. A customer schedules their pick-up and delivery via their phone app, and we come to them.
    • Real Estate; Martinizing uses a unique real estate approach. We proactively seek out existing cleaners in the market who are ready to exit their business. This “conversion” approach allows our new franchisees to open quickly while minimizing their initial investment.
    • Candidate; Typical candidates are looking to be executive owners with a full-time focus. Initially they will likely spend more “hands-on” time in the business to learn the ropes. However as they begin to add the various profit centers above, they eventually grow into more of an “executive manage the manager” model. Leadership skills are important – they understand and can communicate their vision to their team and their customers. They are ambitious to build a highly productive and profitable business, and they embraces cutting edge technology. Excellent communications skills are a plus - willing to network in the community to build reputation and important alliances.
      • Minimum net worth requirement of $500,000, have enough assets to cover their monthly living expenses for roughly 6 months
      • Minimum liquidity requirement $175,000
    • Initial Investment; The amount can vary significantly depending upon the size and gross revenue of the existing cleaner we evaluate for purchase. Some existing businesses are purchased for as little as $75,000 down with owner financing. Add to that the retro fit, franchise fee, some working capital and miscellaneous expenses.


  • The Drop Store model is designed for franchisees who might have less capital available
    • Any of the above additional profit centers can be added to this model; residential routes, commercial routes, lockers and on-demand. Dry cleaning and laundry needs are outsourced.
  • Candidate; Typical candidates might include;
    • A younger prospect, still establishing themselves financially, but anxious to become entrepreneurs. They are aggressive, tenacious, and eager to build a business.
    • A husband/wife team, where the other spouse is keeping their full-time job.
    • Minimum net worth requirement $150,000
    • Minimum liquidity requirement $100,000.
  • Initial Investment; With this model, the business can opened for a minimal investment of $100,000 – $150,000.

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Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise Background

Established: 1949
First Unit Franchised: 1949
Franchised Units: 420+
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: As of Aug 2016, we are approved in all states except Maryland and Washington.
Canada Franchises: yes
International Franchises: Yes

Martinizing Dry Cleaning Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: No
Co-Operative Advertising: No

  1. Launch right start training program to help guide franchisee on obtaining insurance, finding employees, setting up business and banking accounts, etc.
  2. Assist franchisee in selecting a site and negotiating the lease for the site.
  3. Assist with installation of equipment package to be installed on-site.
  4. Develop and implement a grand opening marketing plan.
  5. Provide one week of classroom training at our corporate headquarters.
  6. Provide one week of hands-on training at our corporate headquarters.
  7. Provide one week of in-field training at franchisee’s location.
  8. Ongoing support via webinars, conference calls, emails, site visits, regional meetings and international conventions.

Other Info:

  • Technology – Martinizing will cater to “millennials” (people born in the 80s and 90s)
  • In 2017, millennials will spend more than $200 billion annually, eclipsing baby boomers
  • Five businesses in one for a very reasonable cash investment
  • Repeat business from multiple revenue streams
  • Family-friendly hours
  • Scalable, recession resistant
  • Can be run by a manager
  • We are the #1 player in the industry (have been for decades), and we’re offering more than ever to Martinizing franchisees

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