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FocalPoint is the leader in the Business Performance Coaching segment of the Coaching market. FocalPoint's mission is to boost the performance of businesses by coaching and teaching proven and innovative business strategies and tactics directly to business owners or key leaders. Our franchise opportunity, one of the few white-collar franchises, provides expansive tools, systems and a brand our coaches can leverage as they operate a successful business as a FocalPoint Coach. FocalPoint's structure ensures that franchisees receive exceptional training, support and the resources needed to be successful.

There are two distinct franchise options, an Area Development Franchise or a Business Coaching Franchise (Unit Franchise). The AD invests in a geographical territory and is responsible for recruiting Business Coaching Franchisees within their defined territories. Business Coaching Franchisees deliver FocalPoint's business coaching content directly to the business client

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FocalPoint Business Coaching Franchise Background

Established: 2004
First Unit Franchised: 2006
Franchised Units: 258
Company Owned Units: N/A
States Registered In: All
Canada Franchises: Yes
International Franchises: Yes

FocalPoint Business Coaching Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: No
Lease Negotiation Assistance: No
Recruiting Assistance: No
Co-Operative Advertising: No

Training: We provide you with all you need to launch your own professional FocalPoint Business Coaching and corporate Practice, enabling you to get a fast start and generate an early return on investment.

You will go through an extensive Training Program where you will experience the Coaching & Training programs, become familiar with the products and services in your toolbox, gain an u n d e r s t a n d i n g of FocalPoint and the industry, and develop your specific business plan.

You will be fully trained as a capable facilitator of the professional business coaching and training programs. After your comprehensive training and some practice, you will be ready to win business. All aspects of preparation for training with an organization or business owner and the necessary follow-up will be covered in Training,so you will be totally prepared.Your support is on going and includes regular team calls and an annual conference.

Other Info: Please just have your Candidate visit our website. There are tons of great content and videos that will help them learn more about our business before you present them to us.

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