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Franchise Opportunities in Wausau, Wisconsin (7)

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Teriyaki Madness Req. Investment: $270,699
Teriyaki Madness is a fast-casual restaurant concept serving up quality fresh, healthy and...
Bubble Bus Req. Investment: $91,000
Catalyft Success System Req. Investment: $35,000
Catalyft offers a Business Coaching Certification program that includes a proven business...
Budget Blinds Req. Investment: $110,140
Orange, California-based Budget Blinds was founded on the principle of providing high...
1-800 WATER DAMAGE Req. Investment: $79,000
1-800 Water Damage is an exciting franchise opportunity from BELFOR - The World's Largest...
VINCI Academy Req. Investment: $300,000
VINCI Academy is branded for all licensed businesses operating an educational facility...
ComForcare Senior Services Req. Investment: $86,950
ComForcare Home Care franchise members provide non-medical and skilled nursing home care...

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