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Who We are:

WaterStation Technology is a forward thinking, water purification company that utilizes technology to better serve partners and clients. We manufacture, deploy, and operate water purification machines that produce alkaline water. Our machines utilize our patent-pending filtration system to purify and mineralize water on-demand for consumers to refill their 1, 3 and 5 gallon containers for consumption. The most recognizable locations for a machines like ours is at your local grocery store. Consumers bring in their refillable container and buy water along with their other groceries.

Our Machine - WST-700:

The WST-700 is a bulk water vending machine. Here are the highlights of our machine

State-of-the-Art Technology Integration

  • Tracks system components and revenue in real-time
  • Reports in real-time
  • Notifies operations teams if issues arise

Purified, great tasting water to consumers

  • Alkaline based (this is what consumers want)
    • Fastest growing segment in grocery

Refillable containers (another revenue source)

  • Keeping plastic out of landfills and delivery trucks off the road
    • More and more cities are watching plastic waste and water related issues


  • (72” h) x (37” w) x (37” d)

Multiple payment platforms

  • Cash/coin, Debit/Credit, Mobile payment, or we can outfit them so customers pay at the cash
  • More payment platforms than any other machine in the
  • Additional payment platforms increase sales by 10% - 35% over competition, per machine

Advertising platforms

  • Two advertising platforms for additional revenue: one static and one digital
  • Generate revenue 24/7

Investment Options:

We partner with Joint Venture investors to deliver a completely passive investment opportunity. Our model, which is described below, allows investors the opportunity to partner with WaterStation Technology in supplying the purist water to consumers throughout the United States. Our investment options are:

  • 10 machine package = $120,000
  • 33 machine package = $280,500
  • 66 machine package = $561,000
  • 100 machine package = $850,000

Business Model:

This is a passive investment opportunity; the business model is executed by WaterStation Management, a division of WaterStation Technology. The responsibilities in the model are included in the investment price, there are no hidden fees or additional costs.

Additionally, investors should enter this agreement with the understanding that this is a passive, long-term investment. The decision to partner with specific grocery and convenience stores, as well as the evaluation for placement in specific regions, states and cities are all done with a long-term view in mind. Of course, the foundation of all decisions is to create the greatest returns to investor partners, the greatest value to partner locations, and to enter the best investor/location partnerships for WaterStation Technology: we intentionally put "create the greatest returns to investor partners" as our first priority.

The business model is as follows:

  • WaterStation Technology secures partner locations (typically grocery or convenience store locations)
    • WST's sales teams are always securing locations to meet demand from investors and to achieve greater market penetration
  • Machines are purchased by investor (10, 33, 66 or 100 machines)
  • WaterStation Technology assembles, ships and installs machines
    • Machines are all manufactured locally and assembled at WST's office or off campus
  • WaterStation Technology maintains machines for life of partnership
    • Updates advertisements, changes out filters, collects money, cleans the machines, ..
  • WaterStation Technology sends check to investors and business locations for their share of the revenue on a monthly
  • Investors have access to their machines through a web portal to view daily, weekly, monthly, etc.
    • Allowing investors to track their machines, without having to visit each location or wait for This allows investors to oversee their investment in real-time
  • WaterStation Technology moves underperforming machines (definition of underperforming machines will be specified in the contract).


Attached is a comparison graphic of the WST-700 against the leading competitor. More information regarding competitive advantage will be supplied to interested brokers and investors. Glacier Water is the largest company in this space, with more than 23,000 machines in the market. The comparison chart attached compares our machine with Glaciers


WaterStation Technology is SBA approved and we have financial institutions that we’ve worked with in securing loans for investors.

What Brokers should expect:

The Process:

We have a process we take all prospective investors through. This process helps us fully educate prospective investors, as well as track where an investor is in our pipeline. We use this pipeline to influence our conversations with prospective investors, but are more than happy to focus on specific concerns of the investor or deviate from the process to accommodate investors inquiries. We also use the process to notify brokers where their clients are so we can most effectively determine if our opportunity is a good fit or not for each prospective investor.

Lastly, we use the process to identify where we need to improve or where we can provide greater information to support prospective investors. We have an efficient process, but want to continue improving with each investor.


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WaterStation Technology Franchise Background

Established: 2007
First Unit Business: 2007
Business Units: 2,000 + units sold
Company Owned Units: 0
States Registered In: all states are available
International Referrals: Yes
Canadian Referrals: Yes

WaterStation Technology Franchise Training

Site Selection Assistance: Yes, with JVP Total Turnkey, Passive Option
Installation Assistance: Yes, with JVP Total Turnkey, Passive option
Recruiting Assistance: No
Co-operative Advertising: No
Lease negotiation assistance: No
Mentor following training: Yes, with Distributor/Dealership Program
Length of mentoring Franchisee: First month after start-up then on-going, when needed, via telephone

Training: When applicable, 2 days held in Everett, WA

Other Info:

• The investment shown with shipping costs (there are 13 WaterStation™ models and each one has a different cost)
LASI option: Domestic (USA and Canada):
o Standard offering with Joint Venture Partnership investor: WST will find locations for your WaterStations™ and then do complete installation for each WaterStation™
      > Not applicable for Distributor/Dealership program
LASI option: (International):
• Not applicable; minimum order of 33 WST-600 or WST-700 Joint Venture Partnership Profit-sharing WaterStations™; included in the JVP price
• Will send a team or individual (Marketing for training and/or Service technician for location survey and installation of WaterStations™). Cost will be Travel and Living costs plus $1,000 per person per day. No time limitation.

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