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Relocators is changing the way Americans transition out of their homes. By combining 4 distinct services they have created a seamless service that helps customers and creates a one of a kind multiple revenue stream system for franchisees.

Relocators services include full service moving, clean-outs, estate sales and storage businesses. We have a wide range of services to offer our clients no matter the stage of life, from moving into or out of their first home to helping parents down-size and clean out the family estate.

Relocators offers a caring approach with clients that earns repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals from our clients for their friends and family. By having an array of services Relocators is able to thrive off of maximizing every dollar from every customer.

The Industries:
Moving, Clean-outs, Estate Sales, Storage

  1. Clean-outs: By 2007 Robert had become an intricate part of the Estate Sale business. He was tasked with cleaning out the homes and having them ready for new families. This start gave Relocators a different perspective on the “Junk Removal” industry. Our Clean-outs are more of a premier service when compared to other Junk Removal companies. Yes we will remove the small junk load that you need out immediately. Our focus though is on full house or business clean-outs. We are the last people our clients call. We come in for an on site estimate and give our clients a flat rate. We donate whatever can be donated to a local charity. We then haul all the remaining items away in our dump trucks. We leave the home broom swept and vacuumed. Leaving our clients with a Relocators guarantee that their home is “closing ready” as far as the contents portion of their closing is concerned.
  2. Moving: In 2007 Robert also became the “go-to mover” by directors of assisted living facilities in the area who were unhappy with movers but had developed a relationship with Robert through his work on the estate sales. The recent grad and aspiring entrepreneur seized the opportunity and in 2008 he bought his first box truck, naming the company Relocators Service, Inc. Delivery & House Clean-out company. By 2012 Relocators became a licensed mover, offering complete services such as Moving, Packing, Organizing, Unpacking, and soon Storage. Relocators handles any size moves from 1 room assisted livings to full complete packing and unpacking of mansions and large businesses.
  3. Estate Sales: Our Estate Sale Dept. “Sisters In Charge” is the power behind the throne. Estate Sales are the engine that keeps the clients coming. Everyone will call us interested in a Sale. If they need a sale they also need a move and/or clean-out. If they do not need a sale they still will probably need a move and/or clean-out. It is this synergy and potential for ancillary revenue that makes Relocators such an attractive business model. We book an estate sale by concluding that a client has enough to warrant our services. We then market the sale to thousands of local customers. We arrange the clients house into a department store. We then host a 1 or 2 day sale at the location with the goal of selling as much as possible. This money that we bring in to our client allows our client to then spend money on other services such as the final clean-out of the home. Its a win win situation for both Relocators and our Clients.
  4. Storage: The movers storage is a must for any serious mover. It allows for an on going monthly revenue stream. It also helps for clients who are from out of state and need to store stuff prior to a sale before they decide where they ultimately want to ship their items. Closings get switched at the last minute. Clients have an emotional attachment they are not ready to part with. By having storage at our own warehouse we offer our clients an immediate safe place for belongings until their stress dissipates and they can call us to handle their next service.

Note from CEO
Relocators is a new approach to an age old industry. Our goal is to take a complicated and intricate transition and make it as smart and simple as possible. By doing this we have a leg up on our competition. My goal is for this system to be a lucrative business opportunity for business owners and in turn be a salvation for clients throughout the U.S.

Thank you for your interest in Relocators and best of luck with your future endeavors.
-Robert Esposito

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Relocators Franchise Background

Established: 2016
First Unit Franchised: 2017
Franchised Units: 1
Company Owned Units: 1
States Registered In: New York
Canada Franchises: No
International Franchises: No

Relocators Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: NA
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: NA
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: NA

Relocators offers training to franchisees and their designated manager at our corporate offices located in Syosset, NY. Training includes a company overview, the importance of the brand, client relationships, marketing and development, types of services offered.

We also offer on the job training including daily office operations, field work duties, human resources, software and business management, and launch and marketing planning.

We always welcome a discovery day for new franchisees and welcome them back as often as they feel necessary. We encourage franchisees to shadow any process from operations, to management, to office, to labor, as often as possible.

Relocators will send the owner out to your territory prior to launch to help train yourself as well as your new employees. Our foreman will come out periodically during the first weeks of operations to help enhance services and be on hand to lend guidance. During the grand opening week our entire staff will come down to help with the launch party.

Our call center is always available for immediate questions and concerns that may arise. Our call center will handle all initial contact calls. This way when customers first speak to you for an estimate they will already have knowledge of the brand and be planning on using you for additional services.The idea is that we want to capture every service that a customer may need while simultaneously exceeding expectations.

As a Relocators franchisee our success depends on your success and we will be available to guide you through the dynamic process of being a full service solution for your community.

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