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With OfficeMart, our business owners (Area Distributors) have the ability to offer over 100,000+ products, which are used daily by almost every business in the Country, with NO Cost of Goods and NO Cost of Operational Infrastructure to them. All while financially benefiting from every order and every order place.

OfficeMart is a B2B, B2C, and an e-Commerce business rolled into one turn-key solution.

This business combines the best of e-Commerce (cost savings & simplifying orders) with the personal relationship building aspects of a traditional B2b organization (customer service).

This is a game changing business model and offers long-term, profit generating, recurring income for the business owner.

  • Learn how OfficeMart can save businesses Time & Money, at NO Cost to the business owner. click here
  • See how to open doors, while helping charities and civic organizations with OfficeMart’s special Fundraising Programs: (watch here)

There is a great deal of depth and infrastructure to this business that a couple short presentations could never convey properly so, we created an informational website with greater details to share with your clients. To learn more please visit:

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OfficeMart Franchise Background

Established: 1989
First Unit Franchised: 2017
Franchised Units: 10
Company Owned Units: 1
States Registered In: States Not Available: Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
Canada Franchises: No
International Franchises: No

OfficeMart Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes
Site Selection Assistance: NA
Lease Negotiation Assistance: NA
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: NA
Training: On-going software enhancements & support, product education, sales and marketing

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