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810’s mission is to bring the big city upscale bowling, entertainment & dining experience to every town USA, with pricing that everyone can afford. To do this we have brought the initial investment to enter the industry down significantly by rethinking the business model, the business footprint and by securing exclusive supply terms for equipment and installation.

Our concept is summed up best by our tagline “Be social." (TM). We seek to create an environment for family and friends to gather and enjoy each other’s company while bowling, playing interactive games (billiards, ping-pong, corn hole, darts, shuffleboard, board games, etc) or watching sports, all while enjoying a full-service guest experience with gourmet food and drink.

Why Bowling & Why 810?

The bowling industry in the US is very closely held for two major reasons.  First, it requires a substantial initial investment creating a significant barrier to entry in the industry.  Second, if properly executed it offers an excellent ROI leading those with capital and industry experience to be disinclined to bring in new faces.

The result is the vast majority of center ownership being consolidated into two main groups.  Multi-generational family/individual proprietors and large deep pocketed corporations.  The individual proprietors typically have 1 to 5 large footprint centers that have been acquired over the last 20-60 years and are married to the outdated league based revenue model that dominated the industry through its rise in the 20th century.

The large corporations (i.e. Bowlmor, Lucky Strike, Brooklyn Bowl, Kings Bowl America) have realized the financial benefits of moving away from leagues and towards a high end open bowling environment but have continued to focus on large footprint high-cost centers in urban/densely populated areas where they can price their product at a premium.

810 is growing corporate locations as quickly as possible with 2 new locations opening in 2018, however to scale the concept as fast as demand and opportunity warrant we need operating partners to build out new markets.

Combining a scratch kitchen, high end bar, unique bowling experience, and gaming all into one full service concept was full of many logistical hurdles all of which have been navigated and solved by 810 as we have perfected our model and are ready to scale it.

Our goal at 810 Franchise Concepts is two-fold.  First, we want to take that big city upscale bowling & dining experience and make it available to everyone at prices that middle class American’s can afford.  To do this we need to bring down the cost of ownership when compared to a traditional bowling center and present an ROI that is attractive to potential franchisees.  We’ve accomplished this in 3 ways:

1 - Diversified Revenue Streams

      A traditional bowling center gets 80-90% of its revenue from bowling and league business with the balance made up of snack bar and beer sales.

810 aims to generate 25-35% of its revenue from bowling with the balance made up of restaurant, bar and gaming sales.

This diversification expands our demographic appeal, increase guest visit durations, increases visit frequency, increases check averages and positively differentiates 810 from the traditional bowling experience most Americans have come to expect.

      The key to achieving this revenue mix and making it profitable hinges on the execution of a high-level food service program.  To be clear, 810 Bowling kitchens should offer a higher-quality dining experience than you will find at any casual-dining or fast casual chain.

Our core menu offerings are brick oven pizza (dough made from scratch in-house), signature char grilled angus burgers, jumbo chicken wings, and French fries cut fresh in house.

We expect franchisees or general managers to have years of Food & Beverage experience, and to employ a full time kitchen manager at each location.

2 - Boutique Footprint

By eliminating league play and focusing on the casual open bowling customer we eliminate the need for 32 or more lanes and can instead install fewer lane beds with higher end finishes and a focus on optimizing usage rates and marginal return on investment to determine the correct number of lanes for a new location.

This reduction in lane beds combined with the inclusion of other smaller footprint games (billiards, ping – pong, shuffleboard tables, darts, board games, corn hole) results in a broadening of our customer base and a smaller total footprint hence reducing our initial build-out costs

3 - Exclusive Bowling Supply & Installation Terms

Most importantly as an initial value proposition to franchisees is our exclusive pricing terms for supply and installation of new high-end lanes, equipment and furniture.  This agreement allows us to offer the franchisee a discount on the initial investment of $600,000 (for a 12 lane location) when compared to the cost of building a bowling center outside of the 810 network.

Through this 3 pronged approach we converted our first location, a proof of concept called 710 North Myrtle Beach from a traditional 32 lane league based center to our concept by removing 12 lanes and renovating the space and nearly tripled revenue as a result (750k previously to 2mm now)

An Investment for the Long Haul

A natural concern for an investment of this size is longevity.  A 2 year payback is nice (our target for a 12 lane center doing 2mm in revenue with a 700k cash investment) but what about into the future?

We feel 810 offers unique security in that regard.  We are spearheading the evolution from the league based outdated bowling model to one that is appealing to the millennial demographic.

With a concept focused around physical interaction, social gatherings and high quality food & beverage we anticipate this concept maintaining its appeal regardless of advances in technology and home entertainment that will likely make other entertainment venues (movie theatres, laser tag, video arcades, etc) obsolete.

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810 Billiards & Bowling Franchise Background

Established: 2015
First Unit Franchised: TBD
Franchised Units: 0
Company Owned Units: 3
States Registered In: Non-Registration States
Canada Franchises: No
International Franchises: No

810 Billiards & Bowling Franchise Training

Financial Assistance Provided: No
Site Selection Assistance: Yes
Lease Negotiation Assistance: Yes
Recruiting Assistance: Yes
Co-Operative Advertising: No
Training: 2 weeks of training at our corporate locations for all principals & managers
2 weeks plus of on-site staff training and grand opening support
Other Info: Pronounced eight-ten, our name is a nod to 8 ball billiards and 10 pin bowling

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