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STEM for Kids-Getting Kids Ahead of the Curve in Greater Toronto Area

Pickering, Greater Toronto Area, Canada and Morrisville, NC, USA 2/18/18 –

“It took me 20 years of experience to muster the courage to do something creative on my own”, says Lee Joseph, who is on a journey of transformation. A technologist by trade with over 20 years in several top firms, Lee, an entrepreneur now, is disrupting financial services sector through the block chain innovation.

Being a father of an 8-year-old daughter, his other passion is children’s education. “The next wave is about creativity and innovation. How do we get the next generation ready?”

Lee’s search led him to STEM For Kids and he is now a franchisee and an area developer for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the Ontario province of Canada.

Wading through a sea of franchise opportunities in children’s educational services, why did he choose STEM For Kids? “The breadth of courses provided… it’s not just one robotics program or coding… it takes them (children) through a journey; increasing their engineering skills, their critical thinking and then channels them… (to) developing own games, advanced robotics programs or coding or go deeper into entrepreneurship.” Lee further adds, “I was impressed with what STEM For Kids had to offer.”

“We are thrilled to have Lee as part of our growing STEM For Kids family and wish him the best for his goal to get kids in Toronto ahead of the curve”, says Moni Singh, the creator of STEM For Kids.

Thinking about Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, Lee ponders “how do we create the next Silicon Valley in GTA?” While there is build up of energy and attention towards innovation and technology in GTA, it is a long journey. “A program like STEM For Kids is a good enabler getting [the kids] ready while the bigger picture [government and academic policies] is still getting ready”, Lee says.

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