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Frenchies Expands to the Twin Cities

Franchisees was introduced to Frenchies over the summer..

When the prospective candidates were introduced to Frenchies, they were drawn to the model instantly. They had an opportunity to visit some local franchisees in the Minneapolis area. During their visit, both candidates really saw the value proposition that Frenchies has to offer.

They truly embraced the vision of Frenchies to revolutionize nails in line with their commitment to clean to build the first nationally reputable nail brand and were so impressed with the founders.

They returned home to lock down a three pack in the Twin Cities! Congratulations to Carey Gille and Brittany Bode of Franchise Fastlane!

Call Franchise Consultants USA today for more information at 1-888-411-8035 or 850-797-8035.


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