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Care Builders at Home Closes a Deal

Care Builders at Home will be opening in the Stamford, CT area.

CareBuilders at Home has built a comprehensive care management system to service the non-medical home care needs of our clients and their families. As your business partner, CareBuilders at Home provides complete marketing and operational back office services and support, providing you with significant advantages in growing your home care business.

"We are the only Home Care franchise agency that supports our franchisees with back office support, which include but are not limited to Funding of the payroll to the associates working in the field, we are the employer of record so we cover the insurances needed as well as provide health benefits to the associates working in the field and we just implemented a global cash card to allow the franchisor to fund an associates card for instant access to cash on a weekly basis through a debit card system." - Patrick Rozmus, CareBuilders at Home

"We have over 30 years of franchising experience, we have a lot of available territory and we award larger territories than our competitors. if you have prospects currently viewing other home care opportunities, be sure to share our concept with them."  Give us a call at 850-797-8117 or 888-411-8035 for more information.

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